Want to Breeze Through Security?

Want to Breeze Through Security?

Become a CATSA Trusted Traveller and you will be able to breeze through security by:

  • Keeping your shoes, belt and light jacket on;
  • Leaving items in your pockets;
  • Keeping compliant liquids, aerosols and gels in your carry-on bag; and
  • Receiving front-of-the-line service at airports where designated lines are unavailable*


CATSA’s Trusted Travellers include:

  • Members of NEXUS (a Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) program);
  • Currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces and U.S. military, including reservists, all with valid ID (no uniform required);
  • Canadian aircrew and airport workers with Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAICs);
  • International aircrew in uniform with valid airline ID; and
  • Those accompanying these trusted travellers on the same flight.

CATSA’s Trusted Traveller lines are available at most major airports in Canada. Apply for NEXUS and become a CATSA Trusted Traveller today!  




*While Trusted Travellers receive these benefits, they must still comply with standard operational screening rules and regulations.




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