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  1. Non-prescription liquid and gel-based medication
    Carry On Baggage:
    Checked Baggage:

    Essential non-prescription liquid or gel-based medications include items such as contact-lens/eye solution, cough syrup/spray, gel capsules or liquid-filled capsules (e.g. ibuprofen). You are allowed to carry these items in volumes greater than 100 ml (3.4 oz.) in your carry-on baggage. These liquids and gels must be declared to the Screening Officer separately.

    To facilitate screening, CATSA recommends that the medication be properly labelled (professionally printed label identifying the medication or a manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label).  See for more information.

    Documentation to support your medical needs or condition is not required; however, if you feel that it would help ease your screening, it should be presented to the screening officer along with your medically necessary items.

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